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Liquid Knowledge team members with expertise in Distributor and Wholesaler sales and management can help your team increase profits, lower costs, and provide world class quality services. Our subject matter experts have decades of experience in training, consulting and developing programs for distributors and wholesalers.


Finding your place in the market can be a difficult one, and the difference between mild and wild success.  Our trusted team can help develop and guide your sales and distribution team.  Our services include:
  • Sales Program Development & Management
  • Profit Management
  • On Premise and Off Premise Program Development

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Understanding your products and where they fit in the market place is key servicing your customers.  Navigating the vast array of styles and tastes can be overwhelming.  Let our team develop your program or train your team so they become the experts in the field.  Our services include;
  • Beer Styles
  • Wine Styles
  • Spirit Styles
  • Hard Beverage Styles
  • Food Pairing Sell In
  • Sensory Analysis

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Special Events are a great opportunity to expose brands and your company.  Our experienced team members can help you develop and properly manage your special event needs, including training and certification for:
  • Personnel Setting Up, Operating, Cleaning & Maintaining Special Events Equipment
  • Volunteer, Contracted & Employed Servers & Bartenders
  • Managers & Executives of Special Events & Venues On-Premise & Off-Premise
  • Design, Operations & Maintenance of All Types of Special Events Dispense Systems: Refrigerated Mobile Direct Draws, Glycol Cooled Remote Draw Systems, Coil & Cold Plate Jockey Boxes, Truck-Trailer Refrigerated Dispense Systems, Beer Pavilions, Fast-Fill Dispense Systems, Kegs in Series
  • Operations Safety
  • Brewing Industry Standards for Draught Beer Dispense

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Distributors and Wholesalers Safety for Wholesalers and Distributors extends from your warehouse, to the trucks, and to the retailer.  With our strategic partners, we offer a full line of safety, training and consulting services customized to your needs.  Our services include;
  • Outsourced Health & Safety Management
  • Safety Audits and Assessments

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