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Denver CO - February 13, 2017
Washington D.C. - April 10, 2017

The Beverage People Development Seminar is a 1-day seminar focused on the development of People who work in the beverage alcohol industry, and how having the right system and process in place can, drive better performance, raise the productivity level of each individual and the organization, while saving time, money and “brain drain.”

Successful beverage companies all share one thing in common. “The ability to attract and retain talented people.”  It’s based on the Company’s ability to create a pro-learning, pro-growth workplace in which individuals can maximize their skills and abilities through encouragement, coaching, mentoring and a sustainable Performance Management Process.


In this seminar participants will learn how to develop and implement the Performance Management Process, based on 3 components, People, Purpose, and Culture. This group interaction driven seminar presents guidelines, suggestions and templates designed to drive long term results.

In addition, each individual will leave with a clear understanding and how to guide on establishing a Talent Management Review process designed to strengthen the bench and build long term sustainable teams.



  • The 3 Characteristics of Valued Employees
  • Becoming the Employer of Choice

  • The 5 Pillars that Strengthen Organizations
  • Behavioral Based Development

  • Build it, Live it, Breath it, Drive it
  • Growth Based Mindsets

  • The 3 E’s to Being the Best
  • Building our Future Today