Craft Beer Sales Management

Preparing for Sales Success in the Craft Brew Market



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San Antonio TX - January 12, 2017
Denver CO - February 16, 2017
Washington D.C. - April 13, 2017

There are a number of new Craft Beers introduced into the industry every day, the sad part is that there are a number of great Craft Beers leaving the industry every day as well. The reasons may be plenty, but for many there is one that stands out, “no one was selling them.”

Many will tell you that “luck” is being in the right place at the right time, and while this is true, I am sure that you don’t have the time nor resources to explore or wait for “luck.”

Getting your beer(s) placed in the right hand, on the right shelf, in the right accounts, is a planned science. It’s not by mistake or chance. It’s the result of a Sales Management System (SMS) designed to substantially increase your chances for “luck.”  As the saying goes, “Luck is the result of meeting a prepared mind.”

Let’s get prepared!

The 2-day Craft Beer Sales Management is designed for you and your portfolio of brands. In this seminar  a seasoned expert of beer and hard drink sales management will focus on the key activities that drives awareness and sale-ability of your beer portfolio at the distributor, retail, and consumer levels.

We focus on how to LEAD the pack, and begin to ensure that your target audience knows, sees, and buys you. Share of Market may measure volume, but the need for Share of Mind is imperative to get there. Winning isn’t about being the only beer in the house, it’s about learning how to stand taller in a house of many.

Let’s get prepared to Stand Taller!



Day 1

  • The 5 Factors that Get You Standing Taller
  • Whether you are a Supplier of Distributor/Wholesaler, these Factors Drive Results

  • The 3 Core Competencies of Facilitating the Success of Your Beer Portfolio
  • The How to Guide in Managing for Results

  • The 5 Elements that Focus on Getting Your Brand Seen Both on and off at Retail
  • I’m in the Account……. Now what?

  • The 5 Elements of Planning
  • Building Results Driven Goals and Objectives

Day 2

  • The 5 Elements of Selling Successfully on Every Call
  • Selling is Just a Conversation… Let’s Talk

  • The 3 Steps that Deliver Results Every Time
  • Empowering People to take Results Ownership

  • The 5 Performance Measures that Ensure Results
  • Give Everyone the Answers to the Test

  • Taking Charge, Pouring it all Properly
  • Processes, Guides, Conversations, Ideas, and Endless Possibilities to Win With